EBF Termination Policy


Your insurance stops on the earliest of the following dates:

  • The date you are no longer eligible for insurance under the Group Policy.
  • The date you are no longer actively at work for the Employer.
  • The date you are no longer actively at work due to entering full-time military service of any country (does not apply to active military service for training purposes of 30 days or less).
  • The first anniversary of the date that the employee went on non-pay status on an approved leave.
  • The date you retire.
  • The date the Group Policy stops.
  • The end of the period for which you paid premiums, if you do not make the next required premium contribution when due.
  • For Accelerated Death Benefit, the date your Life Insurance stops. The Accelerated Death Benefit stops at the beginning of the period in which you are eligible to convert your Life Insurance.

ReliaStar Life stops providing a specific benefit to you on the date that benefit is no longer provided under the Group Policy.