Healthy Steps to Weight Loss Program

Need help managing your weight? We’ll give you a hand.

Losing weight and keeping it off is hard – especially if you go it alone. But now you don’t have to. SAMBA has partnered with CIGNA HealthCare to provide you and your family members with a free program designed to help you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Healthy Steps to Weight Loss® program is designed to support you in achieving and maintaining your long-term weight goals including:

  • A structured approach and a motivational support system to help you more effectively manage your weight.
  • Focuses on long-term lifestyle changes and helps you take control in your life.
  • CIGNA uses a non-diet approach to help one increase your physical activity and make healthier food choices that meet your preferences and lifestyle.

The CIGNA Healthy Steps to Weight Loss® weight management program provides you with a personal coach to help you lose weight – for good.

By telephone or online, CIGNA will work with you to create a plan that’s customized to your life – and be there every step of the way. On your time. On your terms. Until you see the results you want.

CIGNA Healthy Steps to Weight Loss®
The support you need. The results you want.

To enroll in the Healthy Steps to Weight Loss program, please call 800.887.9735 or go online to